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Volume 10, Winter 2003, Number 2


Special Issue: Conservation Psychology

Guest Editors: Carol D. Saunders and Olin Eugene Myers, Jr.



Exploring the Potential of Conservation Psychology
Carol D. Saunders and Olin Eugene Myers, Jr.
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Research and Theory in Human Ecology

The Connection to Other Animals and Caring for Nature
Joanne Vining
How do zoos and aquariums influence visitors' understandings, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors toward animals, wild places, and their environment? by Lynn D. Dierking
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Place and the Promise of Conservation Psychology
Suzanne Bott, James G. Cantrill and Olin Eugene Myers, Jr.
Sidebar: Cultivating regional pride in Chicago's wilderness, by Lucy Hutcherson and Carol Fialkowski
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Two Avenues for Encouraging Conservation Behaviors
Martha C. Monroe
Desiring social change: Translating awareness to action, by Kathryn DeLonga
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Reframing Environmental Messages to be Congruent with American Values
P. Wesley Schultz and Lynnette Zelezny
Biodiversity as a topic that needs public awareness and action, by Jane Elder
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Human Ecology Forum: Essays, Commentary and Applications


The Emerging Field of Conservation Psychology
Carol D. Saunders
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A Conservation Psychology with Heart
Almut Beringer

Segmenting Audiences and Positioning Conservation Interventions
Robert Bixler

Conservation Psychology: The Practice of Compassion
Richard J. Borden

People to People: A Vital Component of People-Nature Relationships
Louise Chawla

Creative Disciplinary Transformation and Forging a Planetary Psychology
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

If We Build It, People Will Want to Help: The Management of Citizen Participation in Conservation Psychology
Raymond DeYoung

Conservation Psychology: Challenges and Opportunities
Michael B. Mascia

Conservation Psychology as Self-Liberation
Curt Meine

What Makes People Care? Moral Inclusion and Conservation Psychology
Susan Opotow

Thinking Through "Conservation Psychology": Prospects and Challenges
Joseph P. Reser

Making Conservation Psychology Relevant to Practitioners
Nick Salafsky

Action Research and Big Fuzzy Concepts
Robert Sommer

How Can Conservation Psychology Become Influential?
Paul C. Stern

Steps to Transdisciplinary Sustainable Research
Carmen Tanner

Applying Psychology to Conservation
C.B. Tyson

Intellectual Growth Management
Deborah DuNann Winter

Why Conservation Psychology?
Stephen Zavestoski

Contemporary Human Ecology: Book Reviews

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Radical Ecopsychology: Psychology in the Service of Life
by Andy Fisher
Reviewed by Almut Beringer

Psychology of Sustainable Development
by Peter Schmuck and P. Wesley Schultz
Reviewed by Amara T. Brook

Children and Nature: Psychological, Sociocultural and Evolutionary Investigations by Peter H. Kahn and Stephen R. Kellert
Reviewed by Susan Clayton

Psychology and Environmental Change
by Raymond S. Nickerson
Reviewed by Stuart Oskamp

On the Cover

"Caring Relationships with Animals and Nature"
Top photo by Jim Schulz: Copyright Chicago Zoological Society Audiovisual Services, bottom photo courtesy of Fermi National Accelerator Lab

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