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Volume 12, Summer 2005, Number 1



Research and Theory in Human Ecology

Ecologically Embedded Sociology
Michael S. Carolan
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Disentangling Tagbanua Lifeways, Swidden, and Conservation
Wolfram Dressler
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Collaborative Watershed Planning
Anthony S. Cheng and Steven E. Daniels
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Land Classification Systems in Indigenous Communities
Virginia Cervantes-Gutierrez, Jorge E. Gama-Castro,
Gilberto Hernandez-Cardenas, and Jorge A. Meave del Castillo
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Human Ecology Forum: Essays and Commentary

Food Systems and Environment: Building Positive Rural-Urban Linkages
Charles Francis, Geir Lieblein, Havard Steinsholt, Tor Arvid Breland,
Juha Helenius, Nadarajah Sriskandarajah, and Lennart Salomonsson

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Toward a Martian Land Ethic
Richard York
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Book Reviews
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On the Cover

"Beautiful Day on the Lake" Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
by Lori Baralt

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